Special Dinners

Dinner on the Deck

Big Ideas Reading Group Dinner on the Deck venue

A recent member graciously hosted dinner after our May 13, 2017 meeting. It was outdoors, and the weather cooperated nicely. She provided the venue and the food. Members brought beverages or snacks. As a finalist, she cooked on-stage at the Gilroy Garlic Festival cookoff. The general area is Stevens Creek Blvd. at Foothill Expressway, near our Cupertino location.

After our January 13, 2018 meeting at 3pm at Le Boulanger in Cupertino, this member offers an encore performance! She says,

I am serving my entry for next years Garlic Festival Cook-Off: Chicken Chili and Manchego Cheese Bread AND (for those who don't like a lot of garlic) Spiral Pasta in Marinara Sauce - with meatballs on the side and toothpicks of black olives with fresh mozzarella. For dessert I'm giving Scott a Christmas present by making "Gianduia Cake" (chocolate and hazelnut).

The members will be bringing a variety of salads like last time and of course lots of wine. Members are also encouraged to contribute some cash toward ingredients costs.