Quantum Computing since Democritus

For our September 12, 2015, meeting we discuss Quantum Computing Since Democritus, by Scott Aaronson. The book is only available for a reasonable price in digital format so we are providing some links so that you can be informed on themes of the book without reading it. Below are some links to both quantum mechanics and quantum entanglement. Susskind’s class on quantum mechanics located in the core courses of the Theoretical Minimum in which he focuses on spin entanglement seems headed in the same direction (the course on Quantum Entanglement is a 2006 course--the core course on Quantum Mechanics is more recent at 2012 and despite being entitled Quantum Mechanics is probably a better course and follows his book on the same topic.). In short, Susskind and Aaronson use a three dimensional sphere of radius one with one axis being imaginary numbers to describe probabilities. The probabilities are defined as a point on the surface of a three dimensional sphere of diameter 2, points on the surface of a cue ball maybe.

Chris suggests reviewing our former book, The Golden Ticket, by Leonard Fortnow, since there is some discussion of NP problems with sub-classifications of NP problems similar to discussing sub-classifications of infinities.


Quantum Computing since Democritus lecture notes, free.
World Science Festival session, The Next Quantum Leap: Here, There, and Everywhere.
2nd book of Leonard Susskind’s Theoretical Minimum Series, Quantum Mechanics. The course that complements this is available for free.